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Working It OUT

Musical Workshops and Theatre past

Ironclad by Cesar Alvarez Sofia Dobrushin
00:00 / 03:43

The Elementary Spacetime Show by

César Alvarez and Emily Orling

New York Stage and Film Powerhouse Season 2019

Shapeshifters by Truth Bachman

Musical Theatre Factory 2020 at Judson Memorial Church

Edelweiss by Dakota Rose and Christopher Ford

Ars Nova Residency 2019 

NOISE by César Alvarez and Emily Orling

Theatre For a New Audience 20201

Shapeshifters by Truth Bachman

Musical Theatre Factory 2020

NOISE by César Alvarez
Theatre For a New Audience 29 hour reading Festival 2021

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Witch, Please 

By Keira McGill

Extended at the PIT after it's sold out performance Witch, Please tells the tale of Barbara, your average 16 year old girl in 1684 Boston Neck Massachusetts. Her neighbor, Stephen (classic fuckboy), has been in love with her for years but, all Barbara wants is to keep to herself and maybe churn some butter. Now that they are of marrying age, his pursuits have become more aggressive. Barbara is forced to confront Stephen directly. Stephen, thinking he is God’s gift to Earth, can’t believe the rejection and suspects witchcraft is keeping the two apart. He takes Barbara to court, where she is tried for her life.


March 16th, April 13th, June 2nd 

Directed by Sofia Dobrushin


 by MJ Kaufman

 After it's world debut at Interact Theatre Company, Sensitive Guys comes to Marymount Manhattan College. Through MJ Kaufman's brilliant writing, they force the audience to question: Is it enough to be working on your sh*t within the confines of a safe space or does it take confrontation to make a change?

Five female and non-binary people play both male and female roles in this social satire about complicity and what it really takes to face the patriarchy.

May 4th, 5th, & 6th

Directed by Sofia Dobrushin

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