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Bicoastal, Biracial, Bisexual: It's clear Sofia Dobrushin loves to be at the intersect of many things. So much so they are not only an actor, but a director, musician and comedian. This might be because of their only child syndrome or their Leo sun/moon combo but regardless, the acting/directing motif has been a goal dating back to old home videos and preteen journal entries. Now with a BFA in Acting and Directing, some TV credits and a network of talented pals to conspire collaborations, it looks like those early manifestations are coming to a head.


You can find Sofia on popular HBO shows, progressive beauty campaigns and a great selection of New York Stages. Their directing work has been the official selections of Brooklyn Women's Film Festival, Austin Comedy Short Film Festival, New Filmmakers Festival, and Nobudge. 




Jodi Schoenbrun-Carter 

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